Time to Learn the Forest from The Trees!

Hardwood aka “Broad-Leafed Tree” {Angiosperm}; all non-Conifers

Deciduous (leaves fall off in winter) / Evergreen; leaves stay on year round- i.e.: Eucalyptus, Bay Laurel, Palm

Conifers {Gymnosperm}needle-like or scaly leaves, cone-producers

Pine {Pinus sp.};  (cylindrical needles growing in clusters) / Cypress; scaled leaves / Spruce {Picea sp.}; triangular OR square-shaped needles growing individually from branches / Flat-Needled Conifer 


Sources:  photo of simple & compound leaf for glossary:

Photo for “petiole” used for glossary:

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 11-4-13, 12-21-13, 10-23-14

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